About us

Amare-Knives About us

AMARE Knives: Original designs, outstanding quality, competitive prices

  1. Top grade manufacturer with Real Steel Knives (RSK) 
  2. Individual and outside-the-box designs and construction 
  3. Quality assurance and competitive prices

A). What is AMARE Knives?
Amare Knives is a new collaboration between RSK and Messerunicum. RSK is responsible for the construction, assembly and final production of the knives, while Messerunicum comes up with the designs and handles all final sales.

B) Why AMARE Knives?
AMARE Knives feature original German designs and high quality Chinese production. This is a defining element of our company: direct communication regarding design, development and production ensures the highest quality of our knives! We're always looking for new and innovative designs.

C) What should you expect?
For starters we have two new and original designs! We're extremely proud of them.

RSK CEO Meng Weixiang: We believe in the quality and the impressive innovation of AMARE Knives.
MU CEO Uli Hennicke: There is space outside the box.