The Sixth Finger- 6.F available from the end of October

A very special Steel knife is the 6.F of the Sixth Finger. A development that developed over years with our friend and mentor Jürgen Sohnemann, Sohny. All the more we are looking forward to this backup, hunting, outdoor and EDC knife which has so many handling options that we decided to shoot videos on this topic at the beginning of October 2018. We are very excited and you may as well, we also develop a manual for the 6.F.

A striking feature of this knife may be that you do not have to lay it out while working and grasping, but because of the newly developed, special handle shape, it is possible to keep the knife in your hand. This is when working in the forest, on the hunt, in poor visibility and on moving surfaces, such as. on a boat, very helpful.


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