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  • 201811
With the “A-Joint” mechanism developed by Amare Knives the PARAGON is a special folding knife.... more
Product information Paragon - Carbon SA

With the “A-Joint” mechanism developed by Amare Knives the PARAGON is a special folding knife. It features two-handed opening and can thus be carried anywhere and everywhere you need a pocketknife!

If you’re looking for an EDC knife that has a robust, stainless steel blade with excellent edge retention and a very special opening mechanism, then the PARAGON is the knife for you. With its brilliant design and meticulous construction it’s an elegant eye-catcher anywhere you go.

The “A-Joint” mechanism developed by Amare Knives has several distinct advantages over traditional slip joints. The mechanism of the A-Joint involves a two-legged spring (in the form of a dragonfly wing). The upper arm of the spring, which holds the blade in place when opened, is thicker and stronger than then lower arm, which means you can open the knife easily and very quickly. Because the spring is located on the side of the handle rather than the spine, the knife can accommodate a larger blade than a traditional slip joint. The A-Joint is also extremely safe to use: Spring tension holds the blade firmly in place in the opened or closed position, but there’s no guillotine effect when closing the blade. And of course the PARAGON conforms 100 percent with §42a of the German Weapons Act, which means you’re free to carry it and use it everywhere.

The blade of the PARAGON – Carbon SA has a satin finish. The blade length is 82 mm and the blade thickness is 3.05 mm. When opened, the PARAGON has a total length of 194 mm. With a weight of 125 g it fits securely and comfortably in your hand no matter what you’re cutting.

The blade of the PARAGON is made N690, an extremely high quality steel from Böhler—this steel is also known as 1.4528, VG10, and 440MOD. It is a stainless high-alloy steel developed especially for the food industry and for corrosion resistant knives with demanding cutting tasks. N690 has a relatively high amount of carbon for stainless steel, around 1 percent. For this reason N690 is harder than most of the stainless steel alloys on the market. It cuts very well and can also be easily sharpened to an extremely fine edge. Due to this combination of excellent edge retention and ease of care, N690 steel is also frequently used for surgical instruments. Just rinse and dry the blade when you’re done using it.

The PARAGON – Carbon SA has milled carbon fiber scales reinforced with plastic. The carbon fiber gives the knife a refined look. It is very light and extremely durable, perfect for the demands of a pocketknife.


  • Proprietary A-Joint mechanism 
  • Two-handed opening, conforms with § 42a of the German Weapons Act.
  • Open construction that’s easy to clean 
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Compact, modern design 
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Rockwell hardness >=60 HRC
  • The A-Joint spring is replaceable

Technical specifications:

Knife type: Folder
Blade material: N690
Blade length: 82 mm
Blade thickness: 3,05 mm
Locking System: A-Joint, non-locking, protected mechanism
Handle Shell: Carbon fiber (CKF) black
Coloring: Black
Designer: U.Hennicke
Clip: Deep Carry Pocket Clip
Weight: 125 g
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